The Ultimate Guide to Buying Pet Barriers

There are quite a lot of pet barriers on the market. To help you purchase the best, we’ve run through several points to consider. Keep reading.


Pet barriers come in a variety of sizes. Your car may be a SUV, which is why the option you’re interested in may be too small. Find out what the dimensions of your vehicle’s interior are. The website you’re buying from should specify whether the contraption would fit or not.

If you’re not sure, speak to customer support representatives. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


The barrier may be for a dog. Canines aren’t able to sneak their way through small holes – keep your eye out for larger ones.

Small holes are a major issue if the contraption would be for your cat. Even if there is a small gap and you think your feline friend wouldn’t be able to make it through, she could surprise you.

How durable is the product you’ll be buying? If your dog or cat tries, they could create a hole in it. If it’s a large dog in the back, this could especially take place.


Let’s discuss durability. The material the contraption was made from would affect this. There probably are nets keeping the pets behind. Hopefully, they are made from artificial fibers; they have the best tensile-strengths.

The barrier could be one that has bars instead. It would likely be made from a type of plastic. Research its grade.

You probably won’t have to look hard to figure out how durable the barriers are. Sellers would advertise their durability if they’re great. Go for whichever option has won the most awards.


How much will you be spending? There could be many sellers offering pet car barriers near you. Look around so that you work with someone who offers the products at affordable rates. You can pick the items up the cheapest by buying them second-hand.

As you can imagine, the more durable, larger barriers would cost the most. It’s up to you to decide if you’d want to spend so much or not.

Return Policy

Unfortunately, you may have purchased an item that was faulty. The seller should provide a return-policy. You don’t have to worry about this if you bought from a large store.


Not all pets are the same. Your cat may unfortunately suffer from anxiety. By keeping her locked behind a thick net, she would get scared and try and claw her way through. And your dog may be especially large for his breed, so a barrier that was advertised for his breed might not work.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing pet barriers, a lot of things have to be kept in mind. From all of the points discussed, a crucial thing to consider is whether the barrier would fit your car or not. Ensure that what you’re buying is durable enough to handle your pet trying to break through too. And find out if you’d be getting a return policy with your purchase or not.

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