Packaging Tips to Help You through Easy Customs Clearance

Perhaps you are a newly launched business or a fully-fledged conglomerate, or perhaps you are neither of these, and are just someone who sends packages to loved ones in different countries frequently. In all these instances, one thing rings true: the need to comply with customs regulations. New businesses and individuals may not be as well-versed with these as established businesses are, but you will find that this makes for a very poor excuse if you ever have to deal with customs officials. It is your responsibility to ensure that no matter what, your shipment complies with the laws of that country. Packaging is important to a smooth clearance as well, so let us see what you can do in that regard.

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Clarity and Visibility

You will be attaching a consignment note on your shipment. Make sure it is legible, clear and visible. If there are any old notes or labels, remove them and start on a fresh slate. There should be no other information that can be confusing. If not, you will have customs going through the packages, which will mean extensive delays. Plus, there will not be much you can do about it either, so its best to avoid the hassle completely and make an extra effort to get it right from the start.

Appropriate Packaging

If customs feels that the packaging of your shipment is not good enough, or to be more precise safe enough, they most certainly will not allow it into the country. That is especially the case if the shipment is something that could be harmful, say a set of knives for instance, or some such appliance. As the shipper, you need to look into every little detail, and be sure to include the right packaging based on the type of product. That would also make things easier when it comes to import declarations from the other end, though you could work with experts on the subject like Customs Brokers Adelaide for instance, to sort such matters out.

Label Fragile Goods

You see fridge boxes that say ‘This Way Up’ with an arrow helpfully showing you which side goes where. Make sure you do the same where necessary. Label any fragile goods appropriately, and make sure you also pack them well within their boxes. This might mean you need extra padding, bubble wrap and so on; whatever it involves, it is important you do it not just because of customs, but because your client will otherwise most likely receive a damaged shipment which is bad for your company’s reputation too.

English Translations

Customs clearance means you will be shipping internationally, which means that you should include English translations of any documents you send along. Customs deals with hundreds of thousands of packages on a daily basis, so they will not be getting through yours anytime soon if they have to get the translations themselves. You would not only be making their lives easier, but mainly yours by doing this. You can at least expedite the delivery, which is key where international shipping is concerned.

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