Iconic Dishes of Australia the World Really Needs To Try

Just like the other experiences that Australia has to offer, thefood here too is unique and iconic to the land. Most of them will not be found anywhere else in the world and even if they are, they do not do it like the Australians. With a penchant for gastronomical diversity and a taste for amazing flavors, the Australians have come up with some pretty incredible dishes that the world simply needs to try, and here they are.

Grilled Kangaroo

Let’s face it, where else can you get grilled kangaroo if not in Australia? Kangaroos are known to overpopulate some of the areas in Australia and therefore, it is not uncommon for the kangaroo to be also served on your plate in more than one eatery. However, remember that because the meat tends to dry out if cooked too much, it is served rare to medium and if you cannot stomach that level of cooking, maybe this dish is not for you. Kangaroo meat is cooked mostly on one side only and is accompanied by flavors like juniper, rosemary, garlic, pepper, orange, plum and redcurrants.


This is without any doubt the most Australian fish variety of all and the name Barramundi is derived from the Aborigine language which translates to ‘’large and scaled river fish”. You can find this dish served in a wide range of eateries across the land from fine-dining outlets to dainty delacombe cafes. The Barramundi is best served when it is pan-fried where it is seared on the skin side, and it is also served most of the time like a fish steak along with a lovely herby oil. You will not be able to find this fish deep fried or battered up in most cases.

The Evergreen Vanilla Slice

The Vanilla Slice is something that came from France in all truth where it is referred to as the Mille-Feuille. The translation means ‘thousand sheets’. However, Australia lays the claim to this multiple layered pastry that is filled with vanilla custard and finally dusted with copious amounts of icing sugar. There can be many different flavours for the slice and you can also use cream as an accompaniment to this delicious dessert.

Barbecued Snags – Juicy and Delicious

A barbecue is perhaps one of the most Australian things to do with your friends and family. Referred to as a ‘Barbie’, any good barbecue in Australia will have a wide range of Australian snags that may just stick to the traditional pork and beef varieties or include some diverse options that are inspired by the flavours of herbs as well as spices from around the world. The snags are often barbecued and then served on a slice of bread or a bread roll with your favourite sauce as well asonions and fried spuds as a side dish. It is a quick, easy and iconic dish of Australia that is loved by everybody young and old.

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