How to Shop for Men’s Underwear?

When it comes to dressing up, underwear is usually the most overlooked garment piece. Some people don’t mind if they are wearing undergarments that don’t look or fit right anymore as long as it could still be used. Although your underwear can’t be seen by the public, its quality has a huge effect on one’s comfort and confidence in moving around.

Always keep your undies in check if they still fit perfectly and not yet worn out. On average, it is recommended that you get a fresh batch of undies at least once a year or even more depending on your usage. Of course, you need to have the best when it comes to the type of underwear you choose. Here are some of the basic factors to consider when shopping for new underwear.

Underwear Style

When you’re still young, most likely the only underwear you know is those plain white briefs you used to wear as a kid. However, as you grow older, you’ll realize that there are plenty of underwear types you could choose from depending on your body type. The typical brief is the best when it comes to supporting and neatness in fit but doesn’t offer much coverage.

If you’re up for more coverage and comfort, b and comfort, boxer shorts are the perfect choice for you. However, this type doesn’t offer much support. If you want the best of both types, you can opt for boxer briefs. They look more like a typical boxer short but with a snugger fit like a brief. Boxer briefs have longer legs compared to regular boxers and are the most flattering among all the underwear types.


Aside from the style, the next thing to be considered when shopping for underwear is the fabric. There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on which factor matters to you most. For those who value comfort the most, cotton underwear is what they need. It is soft and comfortable to wear. However, there’s a new type that is gaining popularity in men’s underwear – mens breathable bamboo underwear. It is also soft like cotton yet more breathable plus hypoallergenic as well, perfect even for those with the most sensitive skin.

For active or athletic men, you’ll need a fabric that dries quickly and is comfortable to be worn even while you’re sweating it out. Jersey fabric is made for these types of activities. It is breathable plus stretchable, giving you more support while you’re on the move. For a luxurious feel, silk underwear is the classic choice. However, they can’t withstand frequent wash and wear because it is a delicate fabric. But if you’re looking for something special to wear depending on the occasion, then this fabric is a great choice.

Choosing the right underwear can take time and careful consideration. However, your money is definitely worth it once you get the perfect one for you because of the confidence and freedom in moving around you could experience.

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