How to Identify Authentic Leather Furniture

Identifying quality leather furniture can be tricky as there are many grades in the market and many artificial leather materials as well. There is timelessness and warmth to leather furniture that is similar to timber. But it gives an appearance of comfort that is conveyed by the pliability of the material.

There are several characteristics to look for when considering the authenticity of leather lounge suites. One of the things you should do is to check the back of the furniture piece to understand whether it is made out of several pieces of leather stitched together or one piece of leather. Generally, a hide has a size of about 3’x 6’ so if there is a large sofa that is covered by only one single piece of leather, it means that it is not genuine. The price can also be a determining factor when telling a fake from an authentic product. But there are suppliers who sell fakes at high prices as well just to give it the credibility of natural leather. And you cannot always guarantee durability when you buy an expensive piece. This makes it all the more difficult to gauge whether the leather used in the furniture item is real or not.

You can check the label of the furniture to see whether it specifies that it is real leather. It will say the type of leather that is used to manufacture the furniture. You can also ask the manufacturer for more details if you can’t find this information. The texture and the smell of the leather can give a good indication of its genuineness. There is a specific aroma to natural leather that is far away from the chemical smell that fake leather emits. The texture should be soft and warm to the touch. You need to look closely at the leather to spot if there are any variations of the grain. If the grain is very uniform, then there is a high chance that it is a fake. Leather is a natural product and it’s generally cow hide. Hide is never a uniform texture and there will be variations in the grain. However, there are certain natural leathers that is corrected after the tanning stage to ensure more grain uniformity.

See if it is possible to check the reverse side of the leather. If it is genuine leather, you will find that the back is unfinished and carries no colour. Also, there is a roughness to the back of the leather. There are different types of natural leather as well. There is a clear organic in aniline leather that brings out the softness and the warmth of the natural material. There is an opaque coating on pigmented leather that makes it more hardwearing. There is also a type that is a combination of these two types called semi-aniline leather. The hide is split into two layers at the tannery. This produces the top grain and the lower grain is called the split grain. Split leather can be used to create suede as well.


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