Essential Supplies for Amateur Vapers

You don’t need any more burn marks, an ashtray taste in your mouth, or trash cans that smell like cigarettes. Kudos wanted to make the transition to vaping from ciggies. Now what you need is an introductory guide to vaping.

Statistics suggest that enthusiasm for vaping has soared around the world over the past years. These statistics could make you much more fired at the vaping process. But handling all the supplies and equipment available on the market will leave you in frustration screaming “Holy smokes!”

We’ve assembled a list of the must-have essentials for started vapers, so fear not.

Why switch to vaping?

First of all, if you’re tired of the mess that you get with cigarettes, you can’t really go wrong with vaping. When using a vaping tool, you don’t have to think about the residue that comes with cigarettes.

Then there’s the cash you’re going to save with a vaping kit instead of a cigarette. Cigarette boxes will cost nearly between $18 and $30 each.

The following are some must have vape supplies for every beginner.

Vape Liquid

This is among the most essential supplies to have as you venture into the area of vape. A vape liquid uses a natural glycerine or propylene glycol basis in which nicotine and additives are retained. Propylene glycol is colourless and odorless, and it’s safe to breathe it in   This fluid is thinner than plant glycerine and gives a “throat hit” feel that many tobacco users want.

This unique base is found to take flavours well, but too much can frustrate your throat.


You’ll need some lithium juice, together with some good ol’ vape juice. You might want to have a battery pack lying around in case your vape dies.

Drip Tip

A drip tip, also known as a mouthpiece, is another essential when it comes to vaping for rookies. It’s essentially a hollow shaft which can be used instead of a vape cartridge. You have to just mount it onto your atomizer—the part of your vaping kit that heats the vape juice and turns it into a vapor. Drop your juice on it then, and bam! You’re going to have a much more pleasant taste with a drip tip.

E-juice flavours

E-liquids come in all sorts of varieties, which is one of their main benefits compared to traditional cigarettes, you don’t have to pick just A -menthol or B-plain anymore. Now you can choose A, B, C, D, E, F, G… And so, on

Here are some famous favourites that you might be excited to try:

Candy Grape, Latte, Mango, strawberry gummy and so on.

Vaping with these mouth-watering varieties is like enjoying your dream dessert (because admit it: vaping is a delight in itself but with added sugar at the end.

Who does not like the added sugar?

So, these are some of the must-have essentials as a rookie vaper. Once you’ve gained some experience you can move onto more powerful high-powered vape kits and accessories.

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