Consider These Before Buying Medicine

When we get a prescription from our doctor, our usual practice is to pop into a retail pharmacy, get whatever the pharmacist gives us, and come home. But if you are to make an effective purchase, is this enough? There are many factors that you can consider before purchasing a medicine other than its label and the brand. These factors will help you to make an effective purchase and also find a medicine that is convenient to use. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Always Carry the Prescription

You might know the drugs by heart but it is always necessary to carry the prescription with you. It is while memorizing your medicine can certainly come in handy in emergencies, a pharmacist works best with a prescription. The prescription is more than just a list of drugs you need. It also includes the strength or the dosage you are supposed to take.

So just memorizing the names is not enough. And since dosages are often not the easiest to remember, keep your prescription with you. If you have drugs you need to take continuously, keep the prescription in your wallet so you can take a quick trip to the pharmacy whenever you turn out of a certain drug.

Get a Receipt

It is always recommended to ask for a receipt. You might already know the pharmacist or have been going to the same pharmacy since you are a kid. But a receipt means accountability and responsibility for the purchases. In case there is an error or a mistake and you have to exchange the medicine, the receipt will act as proof of your purchase.

Ask About Alternate Dosages

A pharmacist cannot change the dosage that is prescribed by a doctor. But they can change in other ways. For example, they can do a therapeutic substitution where they change the prescribed drug with a different drug of the same class, or a generic substitution where they can change the cheaper, generic brand of the same drug or giving a different form or flavor of the drug.

The third option which is called compounding can be obtained if there are patients who have difficulties taking medicines. Compounding chemists such as Fresh Therapeutics can give you alternative forms to pills such as syrups/ liquids or topical medicines.

Look for Dates of Manufacturing and Expiration

We all know that checking the date of expiration is a necessity when buying most products. This will make sure that the drug is still good to use and is in good condition. But it is also necessary to check the date of manufacturing.

There can still be products that are yet to expire but manufactured a year ago. While they are not expired sometimes drugs become unsafe to consume when they are left too long in the storage or exposed to different climatic conditions. So make sure to check both dates before the purchase.

Checking these factors will make sure that you are getting medicine that is safe. It will also make both purchasing and drinking the medicine more convenient.

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