8 Things to Consider When Buying a Lawn Mower

On the hunt for the best lawn mower? Everything discussed below would help.


Make note of how much horsepower the mower would have. If you’re dealing with a large space, you’d need a device that would be able to tackle it effectively. How powerful the mower is depending on the engine inside it. The size of its blades influences the speed of cutting too.

A powerful option would be anything that is 140-190 cc. You’d need something more powerful to deal with wet grass as it provides the most resistance.


There is no point in buying a powerful mower that you won’t be able to use. The device should have handles that are easy to grip. It should be the right size as well – you might be too short to properly hold the unit.


The mower would be exposed to the elements. If it’s expensive, you’d want it to last a while. Make note of the materials it is made from – go for something that’s made out of tough metal and has a handle that won’t crack due to wear and tear.

How durable the unit would be depending on the motor as well. More expensive lawn mowers have the best ones.


As lawn mowers can be expensive, it’s imperative that you get an extensive warranty with your purchase. Check the dealer you’ll be working with – some offer better warranties than others. Try and get a return policy too. You may think the mower would work fine, but it may not be suitable for your yard. A return policy would prevent you from wasting cash.


It might be a good idea to purchase a mower with a mulcher. It would cut the grass into shreds and deposit the pieces on the soil. The clippings would be eaten by microorganisms which would make the soil healthier.


Let’s talk about how sharp the unit’s blades are. Whatever you’re buying should perfectly trim grass – the lawn would look messy otherwise. If the whipper snipper head on your mower is not sharp enough, know that you can swap it out.

You’d be saving time and money if you buy a mower that already has sharp blades.


How easy would it be to swap parts? You may have purchased a unit from abroad. It’s powerful and easy to use. But if it breaks, it would be hard to fix; there aren’t any dealers offering replacement parts for it near you.


The larger the motor, the more sound produced when grass is cut. There are electric mowers on the market. Although they aren’t as powerful, they make the least noise.

Final Thoughts

There are various types of lawnmowers on the market. Everything discussed above would help you find the right one. From the points discussed, the most important is the motor in the unit. Make sure you purchase an option that has a powerful motor – it wouldn’t be able to handle your yard otherwise.

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